Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Knickerbocker stainless steel bathroom partition units not only have a lustrous, quality appearance, but are extremely durable as well.

Pilaster, door, and partition panels can be cleaned and maintained with great ease. Recommended for areas of high humidity. Knickerbocker textured stainless steel partitions provide the maximum protection against graffiti and physical abuse.

  • Lustrous high quality appearance
  • Extremely durable
  • Increased ease in maintenance and cleaning
  • Recommended for areas of high humidity



Door & panels shall be 1″ thick insulated with a honeycomb core. Face plates shall be not less than 22 gauge stainless steel and shall have a molding interlocking all edges. Door edges shall be welded at intervals around perimeter to insure a rigid unit. Corners shall be welded and ground smooth. Panels available in 20 gauge.


Pilasters shall be 1-1/4″ constructed of 20 gauge steel insulated with a sound deadening honeycomb core. Edges shall be welded at intervals around perimeter to insure a rigid unit. Edges to be interlocked with molding corners to be welded and ground smooth. 3/8″ stud bolts shall be furnished for fastening to concrete.


Compartment is to be complete with all hardware and fastenings for a complete installation. Hardware to include wrap around door hinges, latch, stop and keeper and coat hook. Lower hinge to be recessed in the door and shall operate on opposing nylon cams. Upper hinge shall operate on a pin anchored above and below the hinge bracket. Latch to be concealed type with emergency access features. All hardware to be Zamac chrome plated.


Wall and U-brackets to be chrome plated. Door strikes and hinges to be fastened by means of “one-way” head tamper-proof chrome plated sex bolts. All other screws to be Philips head chrome plated. All pilasters to have a 3″ high stainless steel shoe. Brass and stainless steel hardware available at additional cost.


All stainless steel units shall be #4 finish and shall be vinyl covered for protection during shipment and installation.


Finish shall be #304 stainless steel, #4 finish.