Our Products

Our Products

Knickerbocker has been a leader in the partition industry for over 70 years, manufacturing bathroom partitions, showers, urinal screens, and dressing rooms. All compartments are furnished complete with quality hardware.


  • Metropolitan: style is the most widely used application. The weight of this system is evenly distributed from the floor to its overhead bracing giving it incredible structural stability with any type of floor construction. Its anti-grip headrail design deters the most enthusiastic junior Olympians.
  • New Yorker: style offers a sleek, contemporary design that provides the impression of a spacious atmosphere. Solid structural flooring is required for this design that has been an architectural favorite for years. Always modern but very unassuming. Junior height sizes are available in this style.
  • Empire: style evokes impressions of the Gotham city with tall sky stretching edifices; majestic and powerful. Our mounting design provides ultimate stability while leaving the floor space free of obstructions for ease of maintenance and cleaning.
  • Gramercy: style, floor and ceiling pilaster supported system, is the ultimate application for more vandal prone environments. Utilizing the mounting method of our Metropolitan style or a combination of Empire and Metropolitan styles, this system provides extreme structural stability.
  • Liberty: style is designed to provide maximum privacy with zero sight lines. Perfect for gender neutral applications.
  • No-Sight Privacy Options: Knickerbocker uses a full height, continuous stop and hinge side filler which eliminates sightline gaps around the door. Our No-Sight Privacy option offers doors and panels available in 64″, 66″, 70″, 72″ and 78″ heights, mounted in various locations above the finished floor; available in all mounting styles above.


  • Powder Coated Baked Enamel Steel: Knickerbocker utilizes the most technologically advanced, modern powder coat system in the industry. Powder coated baked enamel finish is electrostatically applied to a bonderized A40 galvannealed, stretcher leveled steel, formed and cemented to a structural vermin proof honeycomb core, with a waterproof thermo setting adhesive. Powder coated baked enamel steel is the most economical material and has an extremely short lead time. All of our Graffiti Resistant standard colors ship within 2-3 weeks, in all styles. Contact the factory for color selector. Antimicrobial coating and custom colors are also available.
  • Stainless Steel: Knickerbocker produces a premium line of partitions manufactured from type 304 stainless steel with a #4 directional polish. Its fabrication and assembly is similar to that of our powder coated baked enamel steel. Stainless Steel is rust proof, corrosion resistant and ideal for wet areas or rooms with a high degree of humidity. Its striking appearance enhances the decor of any restroom or dressing area. Its neutrality works with any color scheme.
    Stainless Steel partitions are fabricated and shipped with a PVC coating to protect its surfaces from scratches and abrasions. These partitions are also available with a powder coated baked enamel finish or with a textured pattern.
  • Plastique SP HDPE Solid Plastic: Knickerbocker was an early pioneer in the high density polyethylene (HDPE) toilet partition market when it introduced “Plastique” to the construction industry in the early 1980’s. “Plastique SP” takes the ingenuity of the past and combines it with todays most modern extruded HDPE material. Ideal for the most heavily used environments such as sports arenas, entertainment establishments and schools. It is impact resistant; deters markings of most kinds and can withstand exposure to moisture and steam, making it a most practical choice for shower and locker room areas.  Standard product is of a class “B” or “C” flame spread rating , depending on color selection), Limited colors are available that meet NFPA 286 flame retardancy.
  • Laminated Plastic: Knickerbocker plastic laminate combines value with extraordinary design options. Solid colors, patterns and wood grains are available from the largest decorative laminate manufacturers in the world, providing a seemingly endless array of choices. General purpose laminate is applied to a 45 lb. density, impact resistant particleboard core.
    No corrosion. No rust. No fuss.
    Our Plastic Laminate comes with a concealed latch mechanism and our non-rising hinge system.
  • Phenolic Solid Core Plastic : Knickerbocker manufactures phenolic solid core partitions of incredible durability. This material is impact resistant, will not chip, dent or delaminate and, is impervious to moisture. It is unaffected by steam or high humidity and resists marring with pens, pencils and markers. Standard material has a solid class “B” flame spread rating (Class “A” available upon request) and will never carry a flame, melt or warp like other types of solid plastic. Ideal for shower and locker rooms or areas of high traffic and vandalism. Finishes can be chosen from a wide range of decorative patterns, wood grains and solid colors.

Other Products Offered

  • Urinal screens and shower units with or without dressing compartments. A complete line of hardware is available in high polished chrome plated zinc cast alloy “ZAMAC” or satin finishes stainless steel.