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Knickerbocker Partition Corporation has been in the commercial restroom partition business since 1951. They are a family-run corporation that prides itself on both great customer service and the highest quality product. Knickerbocker has a very approachable and easy to reach staff that is both highly knowledgeable and friendly. Let's take a closer look at what Knickerbocker has to offer.

Knickerbocker Partition Corporation focuses primarily on commercial restroom partition manufacturing, sales and installation. It is this single-minded focus that has allowed them to become worldwide leaders in the industry. They have four basic styles of restroom partitions: Empire (ceiling hung), Gramercy (floor to ceiling), New Yorker (floor mounted), and Metropolitan (floor mounted, headrail braced). The materials that Knickerbocker produces toilet partitions from vary, and their highly trained staff is more than happy to help customers choose an appropriate style and material for their particular space.

Knickerbocker has the most modern and technologically advanced powder coating system in the industry that provides a powder coated finish that is electrostatically applied and baked on to the surface of the partitions. These partitions offer excellent durability, and if maintained properly, will provide many, many years of service. Other materials utilized include: stainless steel, textured stainless steel, plastic laminate, phenolic solid core plastic and polyethylene (HDPE) solid plastic. As is to be expected, the cost of the various partition materials varies, but they all feature high quality construction and a professional finish.

Knickerbocker Manufactures Shower Stalls as Well
In addition to their wide array of toilet partitions, Knickerbocker Partition Corporation also produces shower stall partitions. They make partitions for "Gang" shower stalls as well as for individual shower stalls with dressing rooms. They even produce shower stalls specifically designed for the physically handicapped. Knickerbocker has a firm dedication to continually improving their products, and they have just begun offering both graffiti-resistant and anti-microbial powder coat finished partitions for restrooms.

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